In Uncategorized on September 24, 2011 at 1:07 pm

When is it polite to say no?Never apparently

Why oh why do the words”yes of course” or “no problem” constantly fall out of my mouth?

Will you marry me?Yes of course I will! (well wouldn’t it be rude to say no?)

Would you lend me some money?Yes how much do you need?(into overdraught just to avoid embarrassing them!!!)

Could you babysit?Anytime ,(Cos I don’t have a life?)

Can you give me a lift?Sure (I wasn’t going anywhere near but hop in and don’t even think about the petrol!!)

Can you,wash,iron ,clean ,rinse, pay for, swap,change, sweep, write,buy, send,come in early,stay late,pick up,drop off…………………YES YES YES.

In my head I’m screaming NO NO NO!!stop bloody asking me to do things for you when I haven’t once asked you for more than a coffee.

Every day I promise myself I will say no and everyday I hear that word slipping past my lips Yes.

And then to add insult to injury those same people regail you with tales of their fantastic social life,the concert(yes I love George Michael)the night at the theatre (yes i did want to see Lion King)the Avon/Body Shop party(where the guests sat on the sofa I lent you the money for)”Oh you should have come” they say! well I bloody might have if you had thought to ask me!!

Invisible it seems when anything interesting is going on and highly visible when the world and it’s dog (could you pop me to the vets?)has a problem.

Men it seems don’t have this problem ,they say no and they mean no,I need lessons and soon.

Soft or Stupid? You decide.


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