YoYo the wonder diet?

In Midlife Rablings on September 26, 2011 at 9:54 pm

Have you heard of the Yo Yo diet?Sounds like it might be sponsored by Cadbury’s in the form of a delicious bar of some wonder food covered in smooth creamy chocolate that magically helps you slim.Yeah right!

I’ve been quite successful on this diet,I have lost around 10 stone! ooh! now you are impressed,don’t be. Over the last 20 years I have lost and regained the same stone or two 7 or 8 times!What an idiot! Everytime I lost weight I vowed never to let it return but it always did.I have ruined my metabolism my skin and my bank balance,every new fad diet going has been tried by me and even the sensible calorie controlled one that actually does work and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg so why did I start this stupid cycle?To fit in? to be more attractive to the opposite sex?,to annoy those of the same-sex? I  don’t know! The sad fact is that I wasn’t that fat! well covered, curvy, womanly even.But not fat enough that I couldn’t get into a sports car or go for a run or dance the night away,I wore a bikini I had a sex life so what was missing in my life that made me want to change so much and force myself to starve for weeks and months  on end? Whatever it was I’m over it,I’m all dieted out!This is me!!! I’m healthy and fortunate never to have even broken a bone,I can shop on the high street and occasionally get chatted up so what is the point of putting myself though it again.So if they ever do bring out a diet bar that looks smells and tastes like chocolate and promises to help me shed a few pounds will I be tempted to try it??

You can bet your life I will!!


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