I Can’t Sleep!!!

In Midlife Rablings on September 29, 2011 at 10:44 pm

I can’t sleep again!!

I don’t think I have slept through the night for years,at least it feels like I haven’t.

The cause tonight?The flu,alright well maybe it is just a cold but it feels like the flu!I’m all hot and bothered with a streaming nose a tight chest and a cough oh and a sore throat which I just made worse by swallowing 2 paracetamol that I took after rubbing Olbas Oil on my nightdress,hot tip…wash hands after using Olbas Oil!Could have been a lot worse!!

Normally I can’t sleep for the hot flushes or noisy neighbours or kids TV and most nights my sofa loving sidekicks snoring, burping. bottom coughing, duvet throwing antics are thrown in for good measure,he always throws one pillow off the bed during the night and sometimes just when I’m just drifting off whips MY pillow out from under my head believing it to be his,thanks sweetheart.Throw into the mix 2 or 3 trips to the bathroom and the night is pretty much over before I have any beauty sleep and good god it is starting to show!

I have 3 lovely children,lovely when they are awake,during the night as little ones they never slept a night through till they went to school,what with night terrors, bed wetting and losing their blankie!  there are 4 years between each of them,not planned but Gods way of telling me he thought I was beautiful enough!So why would I want anymore sleep!!

So when am I ever going to get a decent night sleep?It had better be soon before I start bed wetting or wearing nappies again! Pass the tissues dear it’s going to be a long night.



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