Better the Devil you Know (part 2)

In Uncategorized on October 5, 2011 at 11:11 pm

When is enough enough? I remember asking,Saturday night is the answer!

After working away for a whole week with only one very short text as communication my sofa loving side kick arrives home to find me not well,spoils me with a takeaway and a mountain of chocolate (how sweet you are thinking) think again.Spends the next 2 days on his hobby,and I mean 2 whole days away from the house,12 hours at a time!!  tells me to relax he will take the dogs out and promptly falls asleep and wonders why I’m not thrilled!!

Next morning.

So very calmly I suggest that as we are rubbish at this we should be housemates not partners,no fuss no fighting.He then reminds me how nice he has been,you know the takeaway and chocs.Why do they always require Brownie points??When have I ever said “did you enjoy wearing your clean under pants” or don’t you love it when I do ALL the housework,shopping ,ironing,DIY…………..Aaaarrrrhhhh!!!!He then says that should I die how upset he would be that he had made me so unhappy!!well der!!!!

I explained that if I did die he wouldn’t notice till he runs out of underwear!!,and he really won’t have to worry as nothing will change for him,except now he will be under no pressure to act as a boyfriend and I can stop being disappointed that he doesn’t.It’s a win win situation surely?

So here we are(I thought) accepting without fighting like teenagers that we are now no longer a couple but happy to continue as ‘friends’.Oh no, I hear through the grapevine that he doesn’t think we have split up and that he is giving me space!!!!! and blow me down with a feather he has changed his screen saver to a picture of me!!(it was a picture of his prized Golf Club.I give up, this man has the hide of a Rhino.

On the upside he has started washing up !


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